Hi there.

Slice.net is basically me, Randy Osborn. I've been creating computer games since I was about ten years old. I started with BASIC on the Timex Sinclair, then moved up to the Commodore 64 and Apple II. Flash forward a few years to 1999, when I learned to program and hack Flash to make games and spice up entertainment websites. I have worked for many entertainment companies, including Icebox, GSN (The Game Show Network), Yahoo! and American Greetings, but have always designed and programmed games on the side. Mostly for fun and occasionally for profit.

Now, with the proliferation of mobile gaming and iTunes and Android stores, it's about time I start making games for fun AND profit. Word Traveller is my first mobile game, now available on the iTunes App Store and the Amazon App Store for Android and the Kindle Fire. I create games that I like playing and I hope you enjoy what I have created as much as I do.